Rose Island: Indiana’s Forgotten Amusement Park

Down a dramatically steep hill in the middle of the woods, lies the remnants of an abandoned amusement park.  It is located within Charlestown State Park in Charlestown, Indiana adjacent to the Ohio River.  Rose Island was damaged by the Great Flood of 1937.  After the downpour, the park was found to be irreparable.  Hidden among the […]

Vagabond RN's Road Trip Playlist

Meaningful moments in your life deserve a soundtrack.  I have compiled songs with similar themes for inspiration on many occasions. I made soundtracks for bad break-ups, GNO, graduation, homesickness, and career transition.  This is the list of my favorite road trip songs in alphabetical order (because I still have some Type-A personality in me somewhere).  My list has an […]

Senoia, GA: The Perfect Setting for Life…and The Walking Dead

                  Pronounced “Seh-noy” (drop the -a), this small town is the filming location for “The Walking Dead”. Every die-hard fan must put Senoia on the top of their bucket list.  Senoia maintains a genuine small town charm while being host to one of the most popular series on television.  Expect to be welcomed with […]

Indiana to Florida Keys Itinerary

  Day 1: Bloomington, IN to Chattanooga, TN Stop: Evansville, IN: Breakfast and coffee at Pie Pan Stop: Nashville-Gas and snacks.  Yeehaw! Stop: Lookout Mountain.  Have a view of “See Seven States”. Visit Fairyland Caverns and Mother Goose Village.  Check out a waterfall. Stay: Mid-range hotel Day 2: Chattanooga, TN to Melbourne, FL Stop: Senoia, […]

The Best Road Trip Tips (Ever)

                 There are two types of road trippers; those who plan and those who don’t.  I wish I could be the spontaneous type and whisk myself away in the spur of the moment.  However, I have learned that this doesn’t always end up well.  Especially if it is 4th of July weekend. And I tried […]

Fill Your Cup, Nurses

            Haven’t you heard that you can’t pour from an empty cup? Nursing is a complex profession that challenges us physically, mentally, and emotionally. When you go home after a long day, you try and leave work at work. A part of you stills lingers on the questions “Did I remember to do everything?” […]

Vagabond's Gift Guide 2016

Travel nurses tend to be minimalists.  How do you buy for someone who can only carry what can fit in their car?  This is my gift guide for the 2016 holiday season.  Feel free to share this to your Facebook as a subtle hint to your friends and family. Something from Home Even a wanderlusting […]

An Introverted Homecoming

After my first big adventure away, I felt more than ready to be home.  I counted the days and hours.  I couldn’t wait to gush to my friends and family about my journey.  However, being an introvert disguised as an extrovert made this interesting.  Being an introvert, I tend to live in my head. I […]

So…What's in Vermont, Anyway?

Did you know it takes 40 gallons of sap to make ONE gallon of maple syrup?  It’s true! No wonder that stuff is so expensive.  Ok, I couldn’t resist opening this with a fun fact to pull my readers in.  My English teachers taught me well.  There’s more to Vermont than maple syrup, though.  When […]

A Travel Nurse’s Transparent Salary and Budget

By request from old friends, I am going to explain how pay works as a travel nurse.  I would like to do this a little unconventionally by being transparent about my income and expenses each month.  This will be based on my first assignment.  Keep in mind that each location/assignment has its own pay vs. […]