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Vagabond RN’s Holiday Gift Guide for Travel Nurses

How do you shop for someone who lives out of a suitcase? Travel nurses are minimalists by default.  Choosing a meaningful, yet functional gift is key. This is Vagabond RN’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for travel nurses (separated into nurse personalities).

Cardinal Rules for Gifting a Travel Nurse

  1. The ideal gift is either a) functional, b) consumable, or c) a service/experience
  2. Have a particular gift in mind? Search for the miniature version!
  3. Practical gifts are legitimately appreciated.  Socks are just fine. (As long as they are adorned with Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony.) Wait…no? That’s just me?

For the Homesick Nurse

Even the most committed vagabond gets homesick from time to time. Perhaps you favorite nurse won’t make it home for the holidays this year.  Give them something that will remind them of home.  Send them the scent of their home state with a Homesick Candle.  Each U.S. state has its own unique fragrance.  The company also offers apparel, home décor, soaps, lip balm, fragrance oils, and gift baskets for select states. Send them a taste of home by checking out this list of foods that can be shipped from every state.

For the Road Tripper Nurse

Travel nurses spend a lot of time on the road.  Help make their next road trip memorable with some practical gear.

Neck Pillow

AAA Membership

Gas Card

ITunes Gift Card (Don’t forget to recommend your  favorite road trip songs. Need ideas? Check out my favorites here.)

Car charger

Travel Mug

Car Decal

Car Detail Gift Certificate Gift Card (Buy 10 Nights, Earn 1 Free Night)

For the Stressed Nurse

Nurses have one of the most stressful careers.  In fact, according to this study, depression is nearly twice as prevalent in hospital-employed nurses when compared with the general public (18% or nearly 1 in 5 nurses).  Give your nurse the gift of self-care.


A Warm Blanket



Massage Gift Certificate

Art Class Gift Certificate

Workout Gear

Digital Subscription for music, movies, books, and video games

Gym Membership (Note: To a gym with access to nationwide locations, such as the Planet Fitness Black Card)

For the Bookworm Nurse

I have to admit that I tried to do the E-Book thing and I just couldn’t buy into it.  However, many travel nurses find that E-Books are a more convenient option for them.  Buy them a Kindle or Amazon gift card.  For a personal touch, include your list of book recommendations.

For the Outdoorsy Nurse

National Park Annual Pass (Only $80!)

Camping/Hiking Gear

Power Bank Charger

For the Wanderlust Nurse

For the travel-obsessed nurse, how about the gift of language? Learning a foreign language makes for a meaningful travel experience. Try an Audible book paired with a pocketbook for reference. My favorite foreign language learning Audibles are by Paul Noble.

Does he/she have a favorite destination? Personalize a keychain or necklace with latitude/longitude coordinates ! Conversely, you may prefer to  personalize it with their home coordinates to remind them of their roots.

For the Night Shift Nurse

Eye Mask

Ear Plugs

Portable Fan for White Noise

Coffee (again)

For the Back to School Nurse

Is your favorite nurse working towards a graduate degree or national certification? Motivate them to reach their goals!

Certification Study Guides

APA Pocket Style Handbook (For grad students)

University Merch

See above “For the Stressed Nurse”

For the Practical Nurse

For the practical nurse, find them something they can use at work.  Remember, functional and practical gifts are appreciated more than you know.

Retractable Badge Clip aka Nurse Jewelry (Note: Etsy is the best place to find these!)

Compression Stockings

Nursing/Bandage Scissors

A Pen Light

Pens (Clicky Tops a MUST)

Have a gift idea you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments!

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Holiday Gift Guide For Travel Nurses

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