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Words Come to Life at This Storybook-Inspired Theme Park

At this storybook-inspired theme park in Oregon, you can truly step into the story.  Enchanted Forest Theme Park, located near Salem, Oregon, is a delight for book-lovers of all ages.  Families with young children will especially enjoy the park.  Become a part of the story as you stroll down Storybook Lane.  Get into character in the Old Village and pan for gold out West.  Finally, get the tiny humans’ adrenaline pumping with some kiddy rides.

The Castle at Enchanted Forest | Oregon

Storybook Lane

Stroll through Storybook Lane and step into the pages of your favorite nursery rhymes and fairy tales.  First, find out what is cooking in the Gingerbread House.  Then, fall down Alice’s rabbit hole, explore the seven dwarves’ mines, slide down the witch’s head, traipse through the crooked man’s house, and much more.  If your children aren’t familiar with the stories yet, don’t fret!  Signs along the path are transcribed with every story and rhyme.

Snow White's Witch | Enchanted Forest Theme Park | Salem, Oregon

Old European Village

First, get into character with some face paint.  For a complete princess makeover (dress included), it was only around $30!  Unfortunately, G Baby is a prince and they did not offer prince makeovers.  But, they totally should! I would’ve paid for it.  After getting into character, check out the interactive displays in Pinocchio’s Playhouse.  Finally, grab a snack and take in the free light show.  Shows run every 15 minutes.

Pinnochio's Playhouse | Enchanted Forest | Salem, Oregon

Old European Village | Enchanted Forest

Western Town

Out West, you can pan for gold, practice your shot, and maneuver a remote-control boat.  G Baby’s favorite was the oversized slide through the fort (which was free).  Also, we got lost in the Indian Caves for longer than I’ll admit to.

Three Blind Mice Interactive Display | Enchanted Forest

The Haunted House

The Haunted House was a favorite for sweet G Baby.  He loves anything to do with scary, creepy, crawly things. He LOVES the Goosebumps series and watches scary make-up tutorials on YouTube (Yes, he’s still 4-years-old.) It was a bit pricey but I couldn’t resist taking my little monster for a scare.

Haunted House | Enchanted Forest | Salem, Oregon


As I mentioned before, this park caters to the younger crowd.  Most of the rides are kiddy rides with the exception of 1 or 2 rides.  For a list of rides with height requirements, check out their website.

Train Ride at Enchanted Forest | Kiddy Rides


There are a few restaurants at The Enchanted Forest. However, if you are on a budget, you can bring outside food in for a picnic.  They have regular picnic tables and you can even picnic inside a make-believe cottage.

Note: The park staff can store your food in their cold storage area!  Let them know when you enter the park. No open flames or alcoholic beverages allowed.

Picnic Area at Enchanted Forest | Salem, Oregon


Admission is paid separately from the tickets for rides but is low-cost.  Admission prices for 2017 were $10.95-$12.50. For rides, you can buy tickets OR choose from two bracelet options, regular and kiddy ride bracelets. For updated admission and ticket information, check the rates here.

Ticket Prices at Enchanted Forest | Salem, Oregon

Park Layout

The Enchanted Forest is made up of two looped paths.  The small loop is called Storybook Lane and the large loop contains the majority of the park: this includes the Western Town, Old European Village, Haunted House, rides, and restaurants.  The park is small enough that you can walk its entirety 2-3 times in a day.  First, I recommend taking the large loop first to see the majority of the park and check out the rides.  Second, walk the small loop through Storybook Lane.  After Storybook Lane, you can track back to the big loop for round 2 on the rides.  For a visual, check out the illustrated park map.

Paved Path on Storybook Lane | Enchanted Forest | Salem, Oregon


The park is built on a hilly landscape and may be considered strenuous for people with heart/lung issues or mobility issues.  However, all walking paths are paved.  Wheelchairs may be used but motorized wheelchairs are not recommended.  The park offers a courtesy golf cart shuttle throughout the park.  Click here for detailed accessibility information.

When to go

The Enchanted Forest is open from March-September and is open every day during peak months in the summer.  The park is open on weekends only during spring and fall.  Watch their Facebook page for updates or check their calendar here.

Age Recommendations

I would recommend the park to all book-lovers, young and old.  However, the park definitely caters to the younger crowd.  I would recommend this park for a family with children ages 2-10. Teenagers will probably get bored and hate you forever.


This storybook theme park is ideal for young families and book-lovers of all ages.  Located near Salem, Oregon, it is the perfect day trip from Portland!  Are you ready to see the words come to life at this storybook-inspired theme park?

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Storybook-Inspired Theme Park | Enchanted Forest | Salem, Oregon

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