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This Author-Themed Hotel is a Book Lover’s Dream Come True

Harry Potter Themed Room | Sylvia Beach Hotel | Newport, Oregon

This author-themed hotel on the coast of Oregon is a book-lover’s dream come true.  Each room is decorated and furnished to pay homage to authors and the worlds they created.  At Sylvia Beach Hotel, the words of 21 authors have been brought to life.  It should be on the bucket list of every book lover and writer.  The oceanfront hotel is located in Newport, Oregon.

Sylvia Beach Hotel | Newport, Oregon

Author-Themed Hotel Rooms

There are 21 rooms with varying amenities to choose from.  Visit the hotel’s website for specifics on each room.  We chose to stay in the J.K. Rowling and Dr. Seuss rooms.  Each room is adorned with themed décor and books written by the authors.  Our rooms even had an ocean view.  As an added bonus, we could see the Yaquina Head Lighthouse!

J.K. Rowling Room at Sylvia Beach Hotel | Four-Poster Bed

J.K. Rowling

Upon entering the J.K. Rowling room, we were pleased to find a four-poster bed, just like the Gryffindor Dormitory. The armoire was lined with potions and books.  We snuck a peek in the bathroom and…Bloody hell! It’s Moaning Myrtle!  Every detail, down to the Do Not Disturb sign, celebrated the theme.

J.K. Rowling Room at Sylvia Beach Hotel | Newport, Oregon | Author-Themed Hotel RoomHarry's Glasses | J.K. Rowling Room | Sylvia Beach Hotel | Newport, OregonJ.K. Rowling Room Amoire | Marauder's Map | Newport, ORHarry's Parents | J.K. Rowling Room | Sylvia Beach Hotel It's Moaning Myrtle! | Bathroom in J.K. Rowling Room | Sylvia Beach Hotel

Dr. Seuss

The Dr. Seuss room was just as whimsical as we expected.  The bed had feet! How many, many feet you’ll meet. I couldn’t decide if they were Fuzzy Fur Feet or Sick Feet.  The silliest part of the room was the toilet.  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish! The toilet was a fish bowl!

Fuzzy Fur Feet Bed | Dr. Seuss Room | Sylvia Beach Hotel The Foot Book | Dr. Seuss Room | Sylvia Beach HotelCat in the Hat | Sylvia Beach HotelDr. Seuss Books and Decor | Sylvia Beach HotelFish Bowl Toilet | Dr. Seuss Room | Sylvia Beach Hotel

List of Author-Themed Rooms


Oscar Wilde

Jules Verne

Gertrude Stein

Ken Kesey

Virginia Woolf



Lincoln Steffens

J.K. Rowling

Jane Austen

Herman Melville


F. Scott Fitzgerald

Emily Dickinson

Dr. Seuss

Amy Tan

Alice Walker

Mark Twain


Agatha Christie

Check out the hotel website for specific information on each room + rates.

The Library

Expect to unplug during your stay.  There are no televisions or Wi-Fi available at the hotel.  However, they offer a communal library, coffee room, and reading lounge (complete with a fireplace).  Challenge your mind with a puzzle or challenge a friend to a board game.  The coffee room has a shelf overflowing with activities. Bring a stack of novels or browse the hotel library.  If you are feeling creative, this just might be the perfect time to write your own novel, short story, or poem.

Puzzles and Games and Coffee, Oh my! | Sylvia Beach Hotel

House Cat

During your stay, you will get a chance to meet the resident cat.  She has been known to ask (politely) for an invitation to sleep in certain rooms at night.  Therefore, don’t be alarmed if you hear scratches at your door.  It’s not ghosts; It’s just Shelley! However, it was obvious that she avoided our room.  It probably smelled of tiny humans.

Resident Cat | Sylvia Beach Hotel

Staying with Children

Speaking of tiny humans, the hotel is not particularly appropriate for small children.  The atmosphere is conducive for quiet contemplation (aka boring for most kids!).  Although my child is only 4, he was very well behaved.  If you plan on bringing kids, come prepared with quiet distractions such as books, coloring, and puzzles.

The Tables of Content Restaurant

The Tables of Content Restaurant is the ocean front restaurant inside the hotel.  Breakfast is included in your stay.  If you plan to have dinner in the restaurant, you must make a reservation.

The View at Tables of Content | Sylvia Beach Hotel

When to Go

In the summer months, the hotel may be fully booked.  For a chance to book your desired room, visit the hotel in their off-season.

Exploring Newport

If you find yourself getting cabin fever or writer’s block, step out and explore the coastal city of Newport.  Borrow a coat from the hotel lobby’s armoire and take a walk along the beach.  Drive over to the Historic Bayfront to watch the sea lions fighting over the floating docks. 

Sea Lions of Newport, Oregon

 Ready for lunch? Walk to Local Ocean, a restaurant and local fish market. Don’t leave without trying a crab cake!  Want something quirky and eclectic? Try Cafe Mundo, recommended by Meg from! It is only a 5-minute drive from the bay. 

Tuna Wrap at Local Ocean | Newport, Oregon
A delicious tuna wrap from Local Ocean. Nom, nom, nom.

Check the tide tables and explore the tide pools near the Yaquina Head Lighthouse during low tide.  Yaquina Head is a fee area but our National Park pass was honored.  The lighthouse is open to ranger-led tours.  If you are feeling more adventurous, take a scenic drive along the coast. There are numerous viewpoints and hiking trails to choose from.

Yaquina Head | Newport, Oregon

Step into the story and book your stay in this author-themed hotel.  You might find that the adventure you’ve been seeking is right under your nose (in a book)!  Don’t have time to visit right now? Save to your Pinterest for later!

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  1. Well written with great photos. My wife and I consider the Sylvia Beach Hotel to be a home away from home and have been going there for 25+ years. Our next visit is in two weeks and will be in the Jules Verne room.

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