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The Set of “The Walking Dead” is an Entire Town in Georgia

Walking Dead Town in Georgia

Woodbury-The Real
Senoia’s historic district/”Woodbury”

Senoia, Georgia

Pronounced “Seh-noy” (drop the -a), this small town is the filming location for “The Walking Dead”.  Every die-hard fan must put Senoia on the top of their bucket list.  Senoia maintains a genuine small town charm while being host to one of the most popular, action-packed series on television.

Tour the Set of “The Walking Dead”

Georgia Touring Company | The Walking Dead | Vagabond RN

You can take a self-guided tour but I highly recommend a paid walking tour with The Georgia Tour Company. Our tour guide, “Senoia Rosita”, had information on “easter eggs” and fun facts about the show.  She also talked to us about what it is like living in the town during filming.  Some of the stops include Carl’s pudding house, Rick’s coma/safe house, the Claimers house, the gate of Alexandria, Woodbury, and railroad scenes.

Alexandria and the Railroad Tracks | The Walking Dead | Senoia, Georgia | Vagabond RN

10 Easter Eggs and Fun Facts

  1. Hershel’s farm is someone’s real-life house.  The owner had stipulations that the cast and crew had to abide by.  1. No cursing in the house.  Baby monitors were set up to ensure the rules were followed. 2. Walkers could not be within a certain proximity to the house. 3.  Romantic scenes could not be filmed in the house.
  2. A baby monitor is seen in the background when Hershel performs surgery on Carl
  3. One day, filming was located near a spa in town.  Customers were parked in the spa’s parking lot and ended up in the shot.  Instead of interrupting their R&R, the crew muddied up their cars so that they would blend in to a post-apocalyptic world.  The crew left complimentary car wash gift cards for the customers.
  4. Giraffes of Woodbury-A local store has large toy giraffes that sit outside.  One giraffe made a cameo in the scene when the governor returns to Woodbury with military vehicles.  The town has since put an eye patch on one of the giraffes, fittingly naming it “Carl”.
  5. The Kingdom is filmed at the former Fort McPherson, which is now Tyler Perry Studios.
  6. A local shop received a request for pickle juice, which can be beneficial for replenishing electrolytes.  The cast and crew enjoyed the unique beverage during the hot Georgia summer.  The locals speculate that pickle references on the show may be an homage to this request.
  7. 6 families currently live in the “gated community” of Alexandria.  The wall is 15 feet high. The residents often have to let their lawns go au naturel for filming.
  8. After the prison falls, Rick and Carl find the “safe house”.  In one scene, Rick is groaning while moving furniture to barricade the door. Andrew Lincoln actual groans in this scene because he put a scratch in the owner’s hardwood floor.  The show paid to have the flooring replaced.
  9. The city contract for filming in Alexandria goes through November 2019.
  10.  Carl’s stunt double is a woman in her 30’s.  They ate 7 pounds of pudding together.
“The Claimers” House
The Pudding House | Carl Grimes | The Walking Dead | Senoia, Georgia | Vagabond RN
The Pudding House (where Carl demolished a large can of chocolate pudding)
Rick's Coma House | The Walking Dead | Senoia, Georgia | Vagabond RN
Rick’s Coma House

5 Town Tidbits

  1. Businesses have been growing exponentially in Senoia since filming began.  Many businesses incorporate “walkers” into their advertising
  2. The Woodbury Shoppe/Walking Dead Store is a great place for souvenirs.  They also have a free museum with props from the show.
  3. Nic & Norman’s is a restaurant owned by Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus.  They hold viewing parties of the show on Sunday nights.
  4. The railroad that goes through Senoia has been inactive for 20 years.  However, do not stand on the tracks as it is still used on occasion!
  5. The Woodbury water tower is present in Senoia but is not functioning.  The owner has plans to turn it into apartments or a hotel after filming has wrapped.
Nic & Norman's | Senoia, Georgia | Vagabond RN
Nic & Norman’s
The Hospital Doors From Season 1 | The Walking Dead | The Woodbury Shoppe | Vagabond RN
G Baby and Vagabond RN at The Woodbury Shoppe’s free museum.  The actual hospital doors from Season 1.
A Prison Cell | The Woodbury Shoppe | The Walking Dead | Senoia, Georgia | Vagabond RN
A Prison Cell at The Woodbury Shoppe

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